Why would you swim in cold water?

Shucks!!……. He’s nailed it (even though I wear a wet suit)

Why would you swim in cold water?.

via Why would you swim in cold water?.

3 responses to “Why would you swim in cold water?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I know that thanks to Sylvain & Paraic & Riana visiting you guys, and you coming here last year (though we didn’t meet) that there feels like there’s a close connection between our antipodean adventures and clubs.

    • Hi Donal, yes, I swam for 3-4 months with Sylvain in the lake here a few winters ago, he in the nip, me in my suit! He taught me to warm up with a cup of tea and some fab French baking after a swim. And he and Greta used to look after my kids sometimes, baking and playing games. Riana’s sister Bronagh lives here in Wanaka and we see each other from time to time and I’m going to be over there from late July for 3 months so I’m looking forward to swimming a bit about the country. I think you’re in Waterford? I used to work at “The Glass”! Love your site, only discovered it very recently. Great writing and connections, thanks, Claire

  2. I swam today in the Mideterenian Sea. the water was 18° celzios. Outside it was 20° with light wind.
    There were about 10,000 people in the sea-shore ( It is vacation hear) , but nobody enter the water because they thought it is very cold and they might be ill. All this because they are used to very warm water in the summer (25° – 31°). So it is mostly a habit and prejudice.

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